January 30

Tips for Moving into a Rental

With Australia experiencing a period of very low rental vacancy rates, it important you are prepared and put your best foot forward when finding your new home. We’ve complied some of our favourite tips for moving into a rental:

1.     Start looking for a rental early: Begin your search for a rental at least a month before you plan to move in. This will give you enough time to find a place that meets your needs and budget.

2.     Get your documents in order: Have your ID, proof of income, and references ready to go when you start looking for a rental. This will make it easier for landlords to process your application.

3.     Be prepared to pay a deposit and first month’s rent: Most landlords will require a deposit and first month’s rent before you move in. Be sure to have this money ready.

4.     Check the rental and appliances: Before you sign the lease, be sure to check the rental for any damages or issues.

5.     Understand the lease agreement: Make sure you understand the terms of the lease agreement before you sign it. This will help avoid any misunderstandings or disputes later on.

6.     Get renters insurance: Consider getting renter’s insurance to protect your personal belongings in case of theft or damage.

7.     Keep records of any repairs: If something needs to be repaired, take pictures and document the issue. This can help you avoid disputes when it comes time to move out.

8.     Communicate with your property manager: Keep an open line of communication with your property manager. Let them know if you have any issues or concerns, and work with them to resolve them.

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