October 12

How To Identify ATO Scams

As ATO scams become more sophisticated, detecting them has become increasingly challenging. These scams are designed to pilfer passwords, personal data, and identity documents, enabling fraudsters to access your online accounts and steal your hard-earned money. However, there are ways to recognise ATO scams before they wreak havoc on your financial security.

To shield yourself from falling prey to ATO scams, it’s crucial to stay informed and take preventive measures. Here are some tips to spot suspicious activity and safeguard your sensitive information while maintaining the security of your online accounts:

1. Be cautious of ATO communication: The ATO will never send you emails or SMS with links to log into their online services or contact you through social media. They will also not employ unsolicited pre-recorded messages, and all calls from them will display as No Caller ID.

2. Beware of threatening tactics: Scammers often resort to intimidation, such as threats of immediate arrest or demanding that you stay on the line until a payment is made. The ATO would never use such aggressive tactics.

If you encounter a potential scammer:

1. Handle suspicious emails and SMS with care: If you receive a suspicious email or SMS, avoid clicking on any links, opening attachments, or downloading files associated with it.

2. Be cautious during phone calls: Never share personal information or make payments over the phone in response to a scam call.

3. Stay away from fake social media accounts: If you come across a social media account impersonating the ATO, do not engage with it and report it if possible.

If you have any doubts or suspicions, it’s wise to contact the ATO directly on their official line at 1800 008 540.

Remember, your trusted advisers can also provide valuable support if you encounter any concerns related to ATO scams. By staying vigilant and taking proactive measures, you can better protect yourself from falling victim to these fraudulent schemes.

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